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Equity99 App Beta Test Review

Posted on | November 16, 2016 | No Comments

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Fightraffic Support Page

Posted on | July 19, 2016 | No Comments

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Flipkart big billion day apps not working “Please try after sometime”

Posted on | October 12, 2015 | No Comments

Today at 12 AM flipkart started its big billion sale on 13 October 2015, but this time again flipkart servers are not fast enough to handle the traffic boost. The app gives this error: Please try after sometime. Even if you try frequently this error stays and makes you feel cheated and angry because you have been waiting for this day. I request flipkart to increase the servers before any offer like this so that everyone can shop their products they were longing for.

In India not many people have access to fast internet and this makes this error even more annoying. I hope like the last time flipkart don’t cancel the orders because they were processed maultiple times or they were unavailable. This makes people loose their trust on the big brand.

If you are also experiencing the same error then please share it with us or give us any suggestion to make it work. Your comment will help us. I will update any solution on this later today.

Simple Script Error on Bluehost: Error logging in to SimpleScripts

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | No Comments

This is to tell people how pathetic support is bluehost giving at the time of problem. I am facing problems with simple script on my reseller account from last few weeks. It gives this error “Error logging in to SimpleScripts. Please try again. If this problem persists, please contact technical support.”. I thought it would get resolved in some days, but its been around a month and nothing is working.

Installing wordpress manually takes time and sometimes the files got broken in the transfer. So i contacted bluehost support, first their chat window says wait time 1 minute and it literally took 25 minutes to start the chat. Actually, i tried to contact them many times, but quit in between because of this. You can know how much time they will take if it says 10 minutes.

Their executive “Paul” told me they are working on it, nothing more, no estimated time nothing. I asked if he can help me install wordpress from their end because sometime back some other executive installed it for me in a blink. So i asked him, he gave me link of installing wordpress manually. I told him i know it but i have to install many wordpress sites and i can’t do it manually. Then he gave me a long explanation that their support is not meant to install wordpress. He copied the explanation from some document. I told him about my previous experience, he said the executive had broken their support bounds, but he can’t. This explains how lame is their support. No one read the full terms and conditions when buying a hosting account and they can give explanation of doing nothing always.

I had this kind of experience with hostgator, so i shifted to bluehost, but at the time of problem their support is also lame.

Google map embed code showing undraggable map and image

Posted on | July 2, 2014 | No Comments

Hi, i am a website designer and i use Google Maps in my workflow too much, mostly on all websites. Recently i faced a problem with embed code, when added its not panning or dragging. It looks like an image but if i click on any button it works on the panning is not working, everything else is fine.

Google map not dragging and panning

Google map not dragging

Possible Solution

First i though it could be because of some addons installed on firefox browser, so i tried it on chrome and it’s not working there as well. If i click on the map it takes me to the Google map page and there it is working fine. My second thought was that some jQuery or javascript is causing the problem, so i created a new HTML page and just added the embed code and it still didn’t work.

I am still facing the problem if anyone find a solution then please let me know, post it in the comments. I think Google map has stopped this feature or there is some temporary bug, which may get resolved in near future automatically. Also i searched on Google for this and found that i am the only person facing it.

Which website suits your business best Static or Dynamic?

Posted on | September 2, 2013 | No Comments

In this article i will explain what type of website will suits your business Static or Dynamic. We are only comparing dynamic with static website so if you are looking for something else then ask the question in comment section and i will be happy to answer that.

Lets first start by explaining the differences between static and dynamic business websites and general myths about them:

  1. Static Websites: These websites are not editable to any non-HTML friendly person, which most of the people are. You have to hire a web-designer to make any change in your website. A web designer will do this by changing the HTML files directly. He will charge you for this usually on hourly basis. Making these changes will take sometime depending on the complexity. Cost of these websites is lesser as compared to its dynamic counterpart. If your content will not chnage in future then you can go for static website for your business. you can also have a website with static and dynamic pages both. This will help you minimize the cost by paying extra for only those pages which change frequently.
  2. Dynamic Websites: All the content or images of these type of websites can be changed by just filling a simple form. Any regular computer friendly person can do this and the result in real time i.e you will see the result within a second. You don’t need to pay extra charges for any change in this case i.e these websites are maintenance free. These websites usually costs double as compared with static websites. I recommend having a dynamic website if you own a medium or large sized business as it will give you all the power to make any important change instantly. If you are having a product catalog then these type of websites are must for you. As you can add any number of products or services using a very simple admin panel. The process is like just filling a form and submitting. This type of website will save your business from spending too much on maintenance work.

Common Myths regarding the two types of business websites.

  • Many non-website friendly people thinks dynamic website will have animation and static websites will be still or non-animating websites., but in reality it has nothing to with animation you can have animation in both they variants.
  • Some businesses don’t have dynamic websites because they think it is less SEO friendly because of some unreadable variable values in the link, which it uses for sending important information from one link to another. Any good website developer can hide these variables using .htaccess methods. Which will make it look same as of Static website.
  • Dynamic websites does not mean that you can everything in your website. Although everything can be made editable, but only on special requests and will charge you too much. Usually the main content and banner images are made editable, but in special cases forms, logos, theme colors can be made editable. Still you cannot change the overall design of the websites i.e the basic layout of all the elements will remain same and is non-editable.

Now as you know in details about the Static and Dynamic websites, you can now easily decide which type of website will be best suited for your corporate need.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

All Files on Mediafire errors Invalid or Deleted File or File Belongs to Suspended Account

Posted on | July 16, 2012 | No Comments

Today i noticed that one of the biggest free sharing website is Mediafire.com have also removed most of the files and giving “Invalid or Deleted File” OR “File Belongs to Suspended Account” errors. This might be in the effect of DMCA because recently many website have either deleted all files or being banned.

Mediafire was doing best in the meantime but now it is also removing files and deleting any copyright material. I don’t know if its good or bad but most of the internet users are frustrated by this.

Is there any solution for Mediafire or Some else website?

I don’t think there would be any solution of downloading a file already deleted. But what i think is you should search for mirrors of that link because new sharing websites are launching which are not in anybodies notice yet. These website are uploading the same files deleted by the legendary sharing websites like mediafire.com. You can search for “mirrors” and the link you want to search for on Google, or copy paste the deleted link in google search and it will show you the websites having that link. If you are lucky then you may find some working mirror links there.

What will happen of these Suspended or deleted accounts?

Well, DMCA is working hard on these things and it is good if we talk legally. But not all of us like this and this is not possible in my opinion to remove each and every files from these sharing websites because when the number of these website decreases the demand increases which means Huge profit for any website sharing anything that people wants to download. Lots of people will go to that website and this will attract the owners to find any solution for this, they will stop and start new websites instantly whenever some one found them.

One more thing, if the DMCA successfully banned all the copyrighted material from mediafire or any website. Then this means people will be forced to buy the real product which ultimately gives big profit and more and more competitors will start making those products, this will reduce the cost and makes everyone happy!

So you may not find the solution for “Invalid or Deleted File” OR “File Belongs to Suspended Account” errors on mediafire.com but you can wait for the time when the original price of the software will come in your budget.

Just to verify my blog

Posted on | April 22, 2012 | No Comments

Hi Readers,


This is just to verify my blog on some blog submission website.

Web Design About Me

Posted on | April 7, 2012 | No Comments

By saying “web design about me” you mean websites which shows who you are, what you do, your profession or may be shows your resume on your own domain(like:www.yourname.com) where anyone can contact you and give feedback. You are at the right place!

These days everyone is making their own websites weather its for business purpose, personal interest, blogging, showcase or just for fun. We (Web Design India) make websites about you for JUST $50 (Rs.2500)!
What you will get in this is:

  1. Domain Name for one year *.
  2. Hosting for one year.
  3. One email-id with your website name.
  4. Unique design according to your interest.
  5. 1 HTML Pages (you can show anything to your visitors).
  6. SEO friendly (helps your website to come in Google search results).
  7. Search Engine Submission (we submit your website to top search engines like Google for FREE).

* depending on the TLD you choose there maybe some extra charges for costly domain, but mostly not needed.

What are the benefits of making a website about you?

If you are applying for a job then giving your website address in place of email id put a strong positive impact on the interviewer. It is really a unique and effective way of showing your interest and seriousness for the Job.

You can also have it just for fun or to impress your friends and family. We sometimes get queries about making a website for local football or baseball teams. They use this website to update the players and also to schedule matches with other teams. Everybody have their own ways of using it. You can also apply for any regional club and show them your website with videos or other details, it will put you above from the other appliers in the queue.

Kindly¬†contact us if you are interested in having “A WEB DESIGN ABOUT ME

Importance of web design

Posted on | April 6, 2012 | No Comments

Websites have became an important element in every company’s promotional campaign and design of the website is one important key which determines the success of it. Some have it to connect with the customers, some other make it to sell their products online, other use it to increase public awareness.

A web design should be made to reflect these purposes and must connect to the visitors to make a long lasting impact and hence success of that campaign.

I Make WEBSITE in $50 (Rs.2500). CLICK HERE to see my portfolio.

What is in this article?

In this article i will tell you some of the basic things about designing of a website to look professional and attractive. How to align text? and where to place images?, what colors should be used?(wait for my next post) etc. Click here to read about Why Do You Need a Website?

Importance of typography in a website?

All of us know about the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a business and those who have some experience in SEO also know that no matter what else you do technically in your website its always the good content and article writing skills which win in the end. So, you should be aware of some professional typography rules:

1. Alignment: Most of the amateur designers use center alignment for text. Well, I am not saying its a bad practice, actually it has its own use, but using it for paragraphs is not recommended.

The best use of center alignment is in small sized banners and if you have all the text in a web page as left or right aligned then you can use it to highlight something important.

Left and right alignment gives your website a professional look. Why?, because when you use left or right aligned text, it make a sharp edge or line at one side of the paragraph, this sharp line aligns with the web page border or any image placed side by side to the text. While in center alignment both the edges look cluttered and less corporate.

To have a professional look we need everything neat and clean.

Left or right alignment also give some resting space to eyes which is also important.

A web design with center alignment have other important uses also. If you want the banner text to look strong and balanced then center alignment is the key. For example “body builder” text will look strong and balanced in center alignment rather than left or right alignment.

Alignment For Good Web Design

The very important point to remember while using center alignment in paragraphs is that it looks good only when nothing else is placed side by side to the paragraph not even any other paragraph.

To give a feel of compact, packed or more neat and cleanliness you can use justify, it adds more aesthetic to the content, but be careful of the awkward space variation in the words, don’t use it in banners or big texts, paragraphs can have them with a little care. For example: if your client is a movers and packers company then you can use it to reflect the nature of business.

Font Size: Size contrast is the key when playing with font sizes. If you want to highlight something then highlight it!. Make the difference between the sizes big, smaller variations look like a mistake and unattractive. While bigger variations not only make the reader to read big sized text but it also make him to read the smaller one too. Its a psychological thing which really works!

So remember don’t make small variations like Heading (20px), Subheading (18px), paragraph(16px), this is a bad practice. You can also use Bold vs Light text to increase the size contrast.

How to place text with images for good web design?

Most of the time we use image at the left and text to its right. This is a good way but it totally depends on the image don’t make it a habit always think of what you want to convey to your website’s visitors?, what the image is showing?. For example: Your client makes high speed cars or its parts and you have an image which shows a fast running car going to right then if you place it at left side of the web page or banner, it will show that whether its going to stop or hit the text to its right, which have its own meaning but placing an image to the right will show that it is going very fast and everything have left behind. This is the impression you want in this website.

Important Image Text For Websites

Left Text Alignment Imporatnce in Web Design
So, remember don’t make it a rule, well, we are not James Bond or Tom Cruise but some rules are really made to be broken.

Wait for my next article on color selection and more tips on importance of web design.

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